Smith Quality Tools ST 168 (10 Inches) Engineer's Square

Smith Quality Tools ST 168 (10 Inches) Engineer's Square

Locally Known as Try Square

Brand : Smith Quality Tools

product ID : 1820

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  • A try square is a woodworking or a metal working tool used for marking and measuring a piece of wood. 
  • The square refers to the tool's primary use of measuring the accuracy of a right angle (90 degrees); to try a surface is to check its straightness or correspondence to an adjoining surface. 
  • A piece of wood that is rectangular, flat, and has all edges (faces, sides, and ends) 90 degrees is called four square. A board is often milled four squares in preparation for using it in building furniture.
  • A traditional try square has a broad blade made of steel that is riveted to a wooden handle or 'stock'. The inside of the wooden stock usually has a brass strip fixed to it to reduce wear. Some blades also have graduations for measurement. 
  • Modern try squares may be all-metal, with stocks that are either die-cast or extruded.

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  • Size in inches: 10



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