Primadon Admixtures Straw Classic AXL (CF) Chloride Free Accelerator Setting/ Frost proofer - 50 Lit

Primadon Admixtures Straw Classic AXL (CF) Chloride Free Accelerator Setting/ Frost proofer - 50 Lit

Locally Known as Admixtures

Brand : Primadon

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Product details


Product: Classic AXL (CF) Chloride free accelerating admixture for concrete, with plasticizing action.


During cold weather, working concreting raises two main problems: Delayed setting – the rate of gain in strength is considerably retarded and site operations are delayed.

Reduction in ultimate strength: The formation of the ice crystals in freshly placed concrete disrupts the cement paste and prevents the concrete from attaining its full ultimate strength.

Classic AXL (CF) is a chloride-free accelerating admixture which makes it ideal for use in the cold weather working of reinforced concrete.

Classic AXL (CF) offsets the effect of low temperatures by accelerating the rates of setting, strength gain and heat evolution. Work can be continued under adverse weather conditions without detriment to the quality of the concrete and without fear of chloride corrosion.

Under normal conditions the high early strength given to a mix by Classic AXL (CF) is of value in emergency repair work.

For concrete or mortars made to a fixed workability, the plasticizing action of Classic AXL (CF) enables a reduction of up to 10% to be made in the water/cement ratio.


  • Ready for use.
  • To accelerate the setting and hardening of concrete. 

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Ferrous reinforcement reinforcement:Ferrous reinforcement will be free from chloride corrosion.

For winter working: Accelerates the rate of setting, strength gain and heat evolution to give normal working at low temperatures. Less susceptibility to frost damage for fresh concrete.

Fast setting: High early strength is invaluable for emergency repairs and tidal work where speed is essential.  

Plasticizing action: Enables a reduction to make in the water/cement ratio.

Ready for use: To accelerate the setting and hardening of concrete.


Addition rates of approximately one liter per 50 Kg of cement.

At low temperatures or for greater acceleration: Higher dosages may be used but the exact dosage should be determined

Typical Properties

Composition - a chloride free solution containing a blend of accelerators suitable for use with all types of Portland cement

Colour - Straw

Specific Gravity. -  1.17



  • Classic AXL (CF) should be stored in manufacturers sealed containers in frost-free conditions and out of direct sunlight.

Installation Instructions

When to Use

Cold weather working: When the temperature falls below 5 degree C the strength development of concrete may be significantly affected.

This can be counteracted by the use development of concrete may be significantly affected. This can be counteracted by the use of Classic AXL (CF) giving increased rates of production due to the higher early strengths of the concrete. This material is ideally suited for use in precast concrete production.

How to Use

Classic AXL (CF) is supplied ready for use and should be added to the gauging water. It should not be added neat to the dry mix.

Aggregates should be covered and must be free from ice/frost at the time of use. (The use of heated mixing water is a valuable precaution)

It is essential that the hardening rate is maintained by conserving the heat evolved within the concrete. Fresh concrete must be protected immediately after placing with waterproof covers such as ploythene sheeting.

Insulated covers or similar are an added benefit. Freshly placed concrete must not be allowed to become frozen or it will be permanently damaged.