Geesys GSD3KA Double Boost Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Load: 9 Amps)

Geesys GSD3KA Double Boost Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Load: 9 Amps)

Locally Known as Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Brand : Geesys

product ID : 177

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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer - Double Boost - Load: 9 Amps for Upto 1 Ton AC/Washing Machine/Tread mill/Microwave Oven upto 9 Amps.

  • As both high and Low mains voltage can damage your electrical equipment, The GEESYS STAB is designed to monitor and correct the incoming supply continously.
  • If the voltages rises or drops, it will correct the output to ensure that the voltage reaching your equipments remains within the operating range of the appliances connected to it.
  • The GEESYS Stabilisers is easy to use, with a red LED indicating a problem with the voltage input, and a green LED indicating good input, and has on/off switch to power the unit.

The Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Function adds the following protective function:

  • When the mains power supply fluctuates outside pre-set tolerances (nominally 140V-270V) the power to your air conditioner is disconnected.
  • We have wide range (85V - 300V) Automatic Voltage Stabilizer. The AVS monitors the voltage for a short period to ensure the power has stabilised before re-connecting.
  • In addition, the start-up delay (3 min) provides protection against power-back surges commonly experienced after resumption of power in a power cut situation.
  • Surge and spike protection is also incorporated to ensure protection against these events which are very common. They are generated by lightning and nearby switching off and on of other equipment such as vacuum cleaners, pumps,  motors, television, elevators etc.


  • All mains powered equipment requires a supply, which is maintained within certain limits. Thus a low supply voltage will cause malfunction, whilst a high supply voltage will cause serious damage.
  • Users of high tech electronic and other sensitive equipment require not only a stable voltage but also a supply free of transient spikes and electrical  noise.
  • In many developing economies, power demand is outstripping supply capacity giving rise tolarge voltage swings, surges and burnouts in the national supply.
  • To overcome these problems it is possible to safeguard vital communication networks and other safety critical control applications with a suitably sized AC Voltage Stabiliser or Power Conditioner.

Used In:

Commercial Property, Manufactureing, Residential, Home Application, Medical, Scientific, Telecommunications, Upto 1 Ton AC/Washing Machine/Tread mill/Microwave Oven upto 9 Amps

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  • Fast Response.
  • Inbuilt Low High Voltage Protection.
  • Intelligent Start up Time delay.
  • Build in Thermal Overload Protection.
  • Automatic Restart.
  • LED Indication.
  • High Efiiciency and Power Saving.
  • LED/LCD Display Optional .
  • Load: 9 Amps
  • Working Range - 140-270.
  • Output Voltage Range - 200-240


5 Years

Installation Instructions