About Build Mantra

What is Build Mantra Online Web Portal?

Build Mantra is a one stop, user friendly, and technologically advanced online supermarket selling construction materials, interior furnishing, outdoor furnishing and energy products for all living, work and leisure space like home, apartment, office, storage warehouse, industrial work area, restaurant, shopping malls, retail showrooms, hotels, resorts, vacation homes, and other similar. Build Mantra also offers Service Providers like Architects, Civil Engineers, Carpenters and Electricians, advertisement space to promote their services.

What are Build Mantra's Products?

  • The BUILD catalog has cement, steel, concrete, aggregate, bricks, sand, stone, glass, wood, flooring, roofing, tiles, wall panels, ceiling panels, paints, doors, windows, plumbing materials, finishing materials, construction chemicals and other similar products.
  • The FURNISH catalog has furniture for homes, offices, restaurants, decor products, products for senior living, bathtubs, spa, modular kitchens, dining sets, handicrafts, art and paintings, appliances, furnishing fabrics, and other similar products.
  • The OUTDOORS catalog has swimming pool elements, paving blocks, security and surveillance, outdoor furniture, fencing, gates, outdoor lights, landscaping stones, garden fountains and ornaments and other similar products.
  • The ENERGY catalog has solar panels, solar inverters, UPS, generators, lighting fittings and fixtures, electrical fittings and fixtures and other similar products.

What are Build Mantra's Services?

Build Mantra's RESOURCES section includes banner and text advertisements that list the contact details of those Service Providers who help Custome's PLAN, BUILD, FURNISH and MAINTAIN living space, work space and leisure space. Some of the broad categories are: Architects, Builders, Civil Contractors, Civil Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, Masons, Gardeners, Carpenters, Painters, Construction Supervisors, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, and other skilled workers. The advertisement allows for listing of quick views of services offered in every Customer's local area. This is accomplished by obtaining the Customer's Pincode at the start of their browsing session. Neatly displayed banner advertisements help Customers get a pictorial feel of the services being offered by various Service Providers. RESOURCES section in Build Mantra ensures that the skilled expertise and labor needed to PLAN, BUILD, FURNISH and MAINTAIN their space is only a click away.

Who are the people behind Build Mantra?

  • Build Mantra is the product of a team of experienced, qualified, and passionate entrepreneurs with interests in PLANNING, BUILDING, FURNISHING and MAINTAINING residential homes, vacation resorts, and office complexes for over two decades
  • The founding team at Build Mantra is a synergy between local knowledge and international exposure aimed at providing all stakeholders (Customers, Vendors, Service Providers) with an unparalleled experience

What is the Mission of Build Mantra

  • One Stop Online Web Portal: Help Customers in PLANNING, BUILDING, FURNISHING and MAINTAINING all of their living, work and leisure space through Build Mantra's high end technology platform. Build Mantra helps Vendors and Service Providers upload their products (Build Mantra's BUILD, FURNISH, OUTDOORS, ENERGY Catalogs) and services (Build Mantra's RESOURCES); For Vendors and Service Providers, Build Mantra is all that they need to promote and sell their products and services
  • Amazing Customer Experience:Make PLANNING, BUILDING, FURNISHING and MAINTAINING of all living, work and leisure space a seamless, convenient, and immaculate experience for all Customers through the Build Mantra online web portal
  • Wealth Generation for Vendors: Provide an environment that is tailored to consistently attract buyers from all around the world to search and buy products and services, thereby providing consistent wealth generation capabilities for Build Mantra's Vendors
  • Quality: Provide a platform for a wide variety of product catalogs with quality products at a reasonable price. To provide choices in design and quality that caters to various budgets (affordable and upscale). To provide products with designs that innovate on form, function, sustainability including renewable and recyclable materials
  • Service Quality: Provide a platform for Service Providers with expertise in PLANNING, BUILDING, FURNISHING and MAINTAINING of all spaces; to promote and sell their specific locality based services in the form of advertisements (image banners and text)
  • Quality of Stakeholder Service: Provide exceptional stakeholder services that are a set of reliable actions and behavior with an ongoing promise to consistently improve those services; To promote high levels of stakeholder delight at every interaction
  • Integrity: Earn stakeholder trust by following through on display, promotion, and sale of quality products and services and paying attention to detail while doing so

What is the Vision of Build Mantra?

Create a world-class Online Supermarket for the Construction & Interiors industry, extending the Vendor's reach, while empowering the Customer through standardization, transparency and ease in purchase.